Your bed should be perhaps the most comfortable place in the world for you. It’s where you come to crash after a long day, where you get a full night’s rest and wake refreshed the next day. For many homeowners, the mattress and pillows aren’t enough. An upholstered headboard can add comfort and luxury to your bed, but what happens when your upholstery becomes old or damaged?

Maybe your new kittens chose to use it as a scratch post, or it became stained from spills. Maybe over time it just became frayed and started to lose some of the stuffing. Suddenly something that should be eminently comfortable for you becomes something of a hassle.

That’s when you take your headboard to Coastal Restorations. At Coastal Restorations, we understand how important it is to have upholstery that’s both comfortable and looks great. We can repair your headboards with a selection from our wide variety of fabrics and fillings, and we can work with just about any kind of furniture. Best of all, we’ll listen to you and what you want for your furniture restoration, so the upholstery job you get back fits your tastes and your needs.

Is your bed your personal oasis from the rest of the world, aside from the state of your headboard? Let us help make the picture perfect with a re-upholstered headboard. Contact Coastal Restorations in St. Simmons, Georgia today to put in your order request and get started on your headboard or other furniture restoration.