When it comes to your living room furniture, your couches are perhaps the most important part of the set-up. It’s the first place most people will go when they enter the living room, whether coming home for the day or coming over for a social gathering. It’s where you’ll sit while you binge watch your favorite show or where you might enjoy a game night with friends and family. Homeowners often take for granted the soft sturdiness of our couches.

But what happens when your couch starts to lose some of its appeal? Old couches wear down with use or rowdy kids or pets, or even a well-meaning friend in a clumsy accident, can cause tears in the upholstery. If you eat at the couch, maybe it’s suffered stains over time that have made the upholstery look worn down, or maybe sun bleaching from the angle of the window has been the culprit. But just because your couch’s upholstery has been wearing down doesn’t mean there’s no fix.

Fortunately, there’s Coastal Restorations in St. Simmons, Georgia. Coastal Restorations is a custom upholstery service offering a wide variety of fabrics and fillings to make your old couch good as new. We can make it as close to its former glory as possible or we can help you find a new style for your couch. All our work is custom done, so you’ll be sure to get the end result that you want, not some standard cookie cutter job.

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