Do you carry fabric?

Yes we have a wide variety of fabric.

Do you have fabric in stock?

Yes we do have some fabric in stock.

How long does it take fabric to come in when you order it?

It takes approximately three days for fabric to come in.

Can you help me pick out fabric?

Yes we can help you, we can pick out what fabric is recommended for your project.

Can I check out samples?

Yes you can check out samples to see how they look in your space.

Can you come to my house to recommend fabrics?

Yes we would love to come to your house and help you make those tough decisions if needed.

Do you have the latest styles and trends?

Yes we constantly get a new fabrics keeping up with the styles and trends.

What type of fabric do you carry?

We carry a wide variety of fabric from leather to sheer and everything in between. And if we don’t have it will help you find it.

Can you replace the foam in my cushions?

Yes! We can replace the foam in your cushions, giving your furniture new life.

Can you repair furniture?

Yes! We can repair most furniture, including chairs, sofas and headboards.

Can you shorten my draperies?

Yes! We can shorten draperies to accommodate any window length.

Do you carry pillow forms?

Yes! We carry pillow forms in a variety of different sizes.

My dog ate my cushion can you replace it?

Yes! Don’t worry, we can work with you to replace damaged cushions or pillows.

Can you replace legs on my chair or sofa?

Yes! We can save your favorite furniture piece by replacing broken legs.

Can you put a rocker swivel on my chair?

Yes! We can convert a stationary chair by adding a rocker swivel base.

Can you replace my outdoor cushions?

Yes! We can replace or reupholster outdoor cushions, giving your patio a fresh new look for a fraction of the cost of replacing furniture.

Do you sell outdoor foam?

Yes! We carry outdoor foam that is perfect for patio furniture, boat seats and other pieces that are exposed to the weather.