Your chairs might just be the most used furniture in your home. Sure, your bed and your sofa is good for relaxing after a long day, but you spend time in chairs entertaining, eating your meals, working, or simply just waiting on the next thing to happen. They get more use than you realize, so it’s important to make sure they stay in good shape. After all, anything can become worn down in time with regular use.

Maybe your favorite chair isn’t quite as plush and comfortable as it once was, or maybe it has some unattractive frayed edges. Maybe it’s developed stains that you can’t get out or just an old, weathered look. In fact, it may not be a chair that you’ve had for years. Maybe you bought new furniture from a thrift store or were given a chair from an aunt and uncle that has potential but a bit of a rough finish. When that’s the case, you may need a furniture restoration professional to help you realize that potential.

Coastal Restorations is a custom furniture restoration service by owner Nichole Taylor. We see the potential in your worn pieces of furniture, too, and we’re here to help you make them fit your style. We have a wide variety of fabrics and fillings to choose from, and we work with chairs of all kinds — from classic Queen Annes to sleeker, more modern chairs.

What’s your vision for your old chair that needs restoration? Contact Coastal Restorations today to fill out an order request and tell us about it.