Coastal Restorations: Custom Upholstery

Maybe your favorite pillow is losing some of its stuffing. Or that antique chair’s seat is starting to look worn. Maybe the couch you inherited from your great aunt just isn’t your style. Maybe the family dog scratched up the sofa cushions while you were away. What do you do?

"Your furniture isn’t just your furniture. It’s part of your story."

Owner Nichole Taylor handles all furniture pieces she restores with care, as if it were her own. Your customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

Our Specialties

At Coastal Restorations, we understand how important your furniture is, and we can make it look new again with high quality upholstery and restoration. We have a wide selection of fabrics and fillings to fit not only any furniture but also your personal style. We work with everything from antique to contemporary pieces. Whether you just want a fresh look or a fix for old or damaged upholstery we can help. Call us today for a FREE estimate.

Have a well-loved piece of furniture that needs to be restored? We’ll listen and take into account your vision for your upholstery project, your personal style and your practical preferences. Whether you need more colorful upholstery to make a statement or more durable upholstery to stand up to the day to day, we’ll have something for you at Coastal Restorations.

And what about commercial furniture that needs a touch-up? The furnishings in your office or storefront can make a big impression on your potential business relationships. If your seats look worn and frayed, that reflects on your business. Fortunately, we have commercial upholstery covered as well as residential upholstery. We can upholster your waiting room chairs to look fresh and new as well as comfortable and homey, even in a work environment. Contact Coastal Restorations today to schedule an in-home — or in-office — quote

It’s about the meaning it brings to your home. You shared precious memories from family holidays on that couch. You sent in your last grad school paper from that chair. That pillow comforted your daughter after her first heartbreak. When it comes to furniture that’s been with you through significant periods of your life, it’s worth putting in the effort to repair it.